Annan Gallery

Established over 150 years, the Annan Gallery has promoted in turn each of the major Scottish Art movements and their predominant artists - a tradition that carries on today.

Featuring regularly changing exhibitions showcasing the finest artists currently working in the country today, we also show glass, ceramic and sculpture ensuring there’s always something for everyone. 

Located in the West End of Glasgow, we’re easy to find with lots of parking nearby. Be assured of a friendly welcome and informative, helpful service whether you call in to the Gallery or reach us through our website.

Annan Gallery

Cecilia Cardiff & James Somerville Lindsay

We are delighted to feature the paintings of two of our most popular recent artists, Cecilia Cardiff and James Somerville Lindsay.

Each with their own distinct observational styles, Cecilia and James will be reminding us of better times (and hopefully better times to come) with their takes on busy bar and street scenes, in sunny Glasgow (!), France and the islands of the Mediterranean. 

Fun, uplifting, bright and cheery, we’re all likely looking forward to seeing and recreating the images captured by Cecilia and James